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Kentucky Supreme Court Rejects a Negligent Credentialing Cause of Action

December 4, 2017

The Kentucky Supreme Court recently weighed in on the subject of negligent credentialing, a controversial cause of action against hospitals. In negligent credentialing actions, hospitals facing suit for negligence by a physician face a separate and distinct claim for negligence in the credentialing of those physicians. In its opinion in Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital, LLC v. Adams, the court firmly sided Kentucky with the states that don’t recognize a separate negligent credentialing cause of action. Hospitals must still provide an objectively reasonable standard of care in credentialing physicians.

This case should be seen as a victory for both hospitals and physicians, as well as for Kentucky itself, as adding a negligent credentialing cause of action would create burdens on the provision of healthcare in rural and other underserved areas.

For more insight, please read attorney Kathryn Eckert’s blog here.

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