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House Bill 232: Data Breach Policy

How to protect your business on the web.

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Kentucky House Bill 232 created specific guidelines for businesses to notify individuals if the security of their personal information was breached, or thought to have been breached, and the breach could potentially lead to identity theft or fraud. by a business entity.

At McBrayer, our business law attorneys are highly knowledgeable of this law and the legal impact it could have on your company. We provide experienced guidance in creating internal policies to ensure compliance with the law and represent companies that are under suspicion of having deviated from these standards.

Data Breach Policy Overseeing The Notification Of Affected Individuals Following A Breach In Security

The law applies to any person or business that conducts business within the Commonwealth Personal information includes names, account information requiring access code or password, Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers and other protected financial information.

A breach can occur in any number of ways, from attempts by outside parties to hack into the system to human error on the part of an employee. If the entity or business reasonably believes that the information and data was acquired or accessed by an unauthorized person, notification is required.

The entity or business must follow standardized procedures to notify those affected by the data breach.

Our lawyers understand the requirements of this law and can assist in facilitating the notification of affected individuals, ensuring that this is executed in compliance with House Bill 232.

Our firm will also help coordinate with public relations professionals to minimize the impact and PR exposure associated with a data breach.

To learn more about how we can protect your legal interests in the protection of data and notification of affected individuals following a breach, contact our firm.





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