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Mediation Services: Family Law

you started your marriage collaboratively. we can help you finish it that way.

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Family Law Mediation Services

Nearly all family law cases go through mediation in advance of a trial; it is typically mandated by the judge. Today, many families also choose to go into mediation right from the start, to avoid the hassle of court and to keep matters civil and private.

Our family law practice offers mediation services by attorneys who are experienced in the intricacies of these situations, with a view to resolving the matter privately, without a court proceeding.

For those who prefer to end their marriage in the good faith that began it, mediation offers an alternative to contentious and costly litigation. Benefits of choosing mediation include:

  • Collaborative process, less adversarial
  • Privacy of not airing issues in open court or public record
  • Reduced stress of not having to go to court
  • Minimizing court costs and eliminating court scheduling delays
  • Flexible timing to accommodate busy schedules
  • Advice from a neutral third party with extensive experience in family law matters

The mediator facilitates discussion to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of all parties. Because the mediator does not make rulings or impose decisions like a judge would, s/he instead suggests options and shares experiences.  Ultimately, the individuals involved retain control of the process and come to a mutually beneficial outcome.

Mediation may involve multiple sessions depending on the complexity of the issues and openness of the parties involved, or if it is discovered that additional information is required to come to an agreement.  From aligning on a visitation schedule to understanding and planning for tax consequences, our attorneys will make sure all elements are covered.

Not only for divorce cases, mediation can also be helpful for child custody and child support issues, as well as cases involving grandparents’ rights.

McBrayer offers family law mediator Ross Ewing who also advocates in Kentucky’s family courts for his clients for whom mediation is not the best solution.  Mr. Ewing has a decade of experience in family law matters and earned a certificate in Divorce and Family Mediation from Northwestern University.






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