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Apple helps startup company make a go of it

Sometimes a small business can pursue greater opportunities through the assistance of a much larger company.  A company called iHealth specializing in wearables for those with certain medical conditions was a startup company for a Chinese manufacturer.  Apple has since provided the company assistance regarding the development of an app.

The app known as Healthbook will allow consumers to track information pertaining to heart rate, blood pressure, nutrition, hydration, oxygen saturation, etc.  While Apple has involved itself in a large number of other apps, the development of Healthbook will be a whole new direction for that company.

The president of iHealth appeared grateful for all that Apple had done for his company. He referred to Apple as performing the task of "informal handholding" during the months when iHealth first became a company. There were a number of meetings held at Apple facilities. Apple provided advice and guidance as to where improvements could be made to hardware and software design.

Not all up and coming businesses will be so fortunate to be under the tutelage of a company such as Apple. However, finding advice from professionals that have worked with various startups in the past can provide new companies a competitive advantage.

The decision to form a business is complex and revolves around a number of considerations. The needs of every business also happen to be unique. Experienced business and commercial law attorneys can help businesses through the process. Considering that investments in a startup company can often involve an individual's life savings, no new business owner can afford for mistakes to be made.

Source: Business Insider, "As Reports Swirl About Apple's Future in Health Devices, Here's The Story How It Helped One Startup Make Its Own," Kyle Russell, March 24, 2014

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