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How much of an employee's earnings can be subject to wage garnishment?, Business First, Legal Forum, February 14, 2014


Business First, Legal Forum, February 14, 2014

Authored by Brandon Johnson

In Kentucky, only up to 25% of an employee's earnings are subject to wage garnishment. If you are an employer and an employee becomes subject to wage garnishment, you will receive notice and instructions from the court directing you to withhold a portion of the employee's earnings and pay them directly to the court. "Earnings" include: wages, commissions, rent received, or other income such as dividends. Generally, Social Security, SSI, Veterans benefits, and Railroad Retirement cannot be garnished, nor can certain types of civil service, military and pension benefits. A wage garnishment order will include a section directing the employer on how to calculate the amount of money that can be withheld from a pay period. All employers should respond to a garnishment order in a timely manner and seek counsel if they are unsure how to respond to such an order.

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