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Should I Become “Friends” With A Judge?, Business First, Legal Forum, April 12, 2013


Business First, Legal Forum, April 12, 2013

Authored by Benjamin L. Riddle

Today, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites function like a business card. They offer a way for you and your business to connect and promote. There are strict rules judges must follow in their profession. For example, a judge must recuse himself if there is a conflict of interest in a matter before him. Simply "friending" a judge on Facebook may not undermine impartiality, but a judge who confesses his loyal support for your business on its webpage could signal impropriety. Before you or your business "friends" a judge, contemplate the likelihood of having a matter pending before him or her. Would you trust a judge to rule fairly on your case if he were "friends" with the other side?

Judges do not live in complete isolation-in the real world, they have friends, acquaintances, and relations with all kinds of businesses. But, if it is a possibility that you will appear in a judge's courtroom, consider keeping your "friendship" offline. If you are looking to make a connection, try the old-fashioned way: with a real business card.

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